Postdoctoral Research Fellow


• Having sound research potential and facility in contributing for project research development.
• Possessing the prior knowledge in administrative and project managerial ethics in bilateral organizational setting.
• Self-motivated and hardworking individual with significant aptitude and experience to work in partnership and coordinating with important stakeholders.

Post Doctoral Fellow (Research Lead)
PHASE Nepal · Full-time
Project: The Impact of Federalization on Nepal’s Health System: A Longitudinal Analysis
Duration: 2020-2023
Funded: The University of Sheffield (Health System Research Initiative)
Research Collaboration: University of Huddersfield and Bournemouth University
· Jointly Conducted
· Seoul National University, Graduate School of International Studies (Institute of International Affairs), Seoul, South Korea
· Deloitte Consulting Consortium
Funded: Evidence-Based Policy Design (EPoD), Harvard University
BK21 Plus Research Team on International Development and Social Economy Governance
Department of Public Administration, The Graduate School Yonsei University, South Korea
KOICA Nepal Office
Full-time Dec 2012 – Sep 2013 · 10 mos  
Funded: Commercial ‘A’ Banks in Nepal
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Intern-Shared Department

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    2015 – 2019

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