Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Dr. Pryor Placino received his PhD from the Institute for Culture and Society at Western Sydney University in Australia. He trained as a human geographer specializing in the cultural and material aspects of economic and ecological livelihoods for sustainable futures. He has studied diverse livelihoods in the shadow places of the ‘concrete jungle’ including the commoning and livelihood diversification strategies of informal miners who supply sand and gravel to the building industry. He has also explored the materiality and ecology of indigenous, modern and alternative building materials. To get a glimpse of his doctoral research, you can watch his 3-Minute Thesis presentation (1st Prize Winner, Institute level). 

Dr. Pryor’s latest publications include:

Making a living in the diverse economy of concrete: Commoning in a contested quarry. Asia Pacific Viewpoint. 

Accommodate diverse livelihoods. In S. Cairns & D. Tunas (Eds.), Future Cities Laboratory: Indicia 03. 

Informal mining labour: Economic plurality and household survival strategies. In J. K. Gibson-Graham & K. Dombroski (Eds.), The Handbook of Diverse Economies. 

Community economies in Monsoon Asia: Keywords and key reflections. Asia Pacific Viewpoint, 59(1), 3–16. 

In 2021, Dr. Pryor won the Ooi Giok Ling Paper Award from the Southeast Asian Geography Association (SEAGA). At the School of Global Studies in Thammasat University, he is working with Ajarn Tao Rugkhapan on a project that examines the environmental and social inequality concerns arising from the uptake of reinforced concrete in the Philippines and Thailand. 

Dr. Pryor has more than a decade of experience teaching undergraduate courses in the Philippines. Lastly, he sits on the Board of Directors of the Community Economies Institute (CEI). You can read additional information here. 

Connect with him on LinkedIn (@Pryor Placino) and Twitter (@PryorPlacino).

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