Assessing citizen level of satisfaction with local government service delivery in Ethiopia: Adopting the expectancy disconfirmation model


This paper intends to consider the relationship that exists between the use of local government service delivery and citizen satisfaction. As a result, the paper adopts the term citizens to refer to individuals who participate in the consumption and use of goods and services publicly provided by the local governments. In this research, the citizens are asked about their own perception in relation to prior expectation and perceived performance of service quality with local government in general. Thus, it considered specific services such as: condition of the road, refuse collection, fire protection, education, public transportation, water and sanitation services, police protection and security. Hence, it aims to answer the question on the extent of citizen satisfaction about local government service delivery in Ethiopia. This research contributes to understanding the expectancy disconfirmation theory from a developing country perspective. In itself, it is an interesting piece of contribution to the academic field to utilize the same theory in a different country context and hence achieve a different result for rectification and conceptual rebuilding.



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