Strategic management of social impact businesses during Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam: An application of value chain analysis


This research aims to investigating strategic management of social impact businesses in  Vietnam during Covid-19 pandemic, when the government closed international borders and  imposed a domestic lockdown as a result of the zero covid policy. The study is based on theoretical  framework of strategic management and value chain analysis. The qualitative research approach  was applied, which was based on a semi-structured questionnaire or guiding questions. The target  population is Vietnamese social impact businesses with a diversity of demographic traits, genders  of founders, product or service categories and economic sectors. Out of a total of 187 social  enterprises invited to engage in the study via email, 15 businesses were chosen for in-depth  interviews with management board. Finding reveals that the pandemic caused the problem of  sluggish input materials because sources of goods imported from abroad or far-flung regions were  congested or prohibited by the government. Besides, the curfew policies and closure of pandemic  areas in the country have seriously affected the management and sale market of products.  Therefore, most social impact enterprises deploy numerous new operation strategies to respond  and adapt to the fluctuation of policy during the pandemic. 



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