After obtaining a Masters in Management and Organization, with a thesis on non-profit management, I worked in the corporate sector for several years until I started working full time in my current position in 2011. I love traveling, reading both fiction and non-fiction, learning, working with people, and much more.

I choose to join this program as I have thought that there should be a strong connection between the “field” and academia, and with my learnings from the field and my love of learning, and my desire to always understand the big picture, perhaps now I am in the right position to make that connection, for research, and for myself.

The program is challenging, well structured, and the courses offer a balance between social theories, theories of innovation, and examples from the field. The professors and guest lecturers are knowledgeable, open, and clearly value interaction about the coursework. A first cohort is a group with a nice cultural and professional background.
The School of Global Studies is open and welcoming and really facilitates learning. However, unfortunately, classes have been only online so far. Still, I am sure once we can have on-campus classes and meetings, the study environment will improve even more, and the interactions will be more enriching.

The reason for me to do a PhD was that I was looking for intellectually stimulating discussions and that, at the same time, I wanted to do something with the knowledge accumulated in the field. 
I think the PhD in Social Innovation and Sustainability from Thammasat University’s School of Global Studies can help me to realize my goals, which is to facilitate a positive difference (however small) to the lives and learnings of others.

Ms. Linda van der Wijk

Director of Charity Fund Rijsholt, a Dutch NGO.